A turn is broken down into 4 actions for every character; a measure both of time and their ability to multitask.

A single action (SA, aka simple action) consumes 1 action, a double action (DA) consumes 2, a triple action (TA) consumes 3, and unsurprisingly a quadruple action (QA, a full-turn action) consumes all 4.

Saving throws with the 3 Rs are free actions (FA)- a free action is instant and automatic and doesn't consume one of a character's four actions.

Evasion is automatic, but any single actions used on movement or left unspent grant a +10 bonus to the 1d100 roll. The character's Evasion speciality is doubled when the character has ran (moved as a full turn action) in the previous turn.

The following are special actions available to all characters regardless of their builds:

Aiming: The character consumes an additional single action, and gains a bonus to hit equal to half their FOC[x10] or all their Ranged/Melee with an attack. They also gain a +1 bonus to damage.

With the Careful Aim aspect, +FOC to hit and +Ranged or +Melee to damage depending on the attack type.

With Martial Strength or Martial Agility, substitute Strength or Agility for Focus when using an aim action in Melee.

Charging: Charging is a full turn action: a standard movement followed by an attack. A single action attack may be used as well as a double action attack, but the turn would still end regardless.

When charging, the character gains a damage bonus equal to their Melee.

With Improved Charge, the character's charges gain a further damage bonus equal to their AGI, and they may move as if running rather than making a standard movement.

Hurrying: Hurrying a Ranged attack reduces the number of actions spent to perform it. While not all attacks can be hurried, condensing a double action attack into a single action attack reduces accuracy and damage. Abilities that specify that they will only work with double actions are amongst those that cannot be hurried.

With Rapid Fire, a character's Ranged value is considered twice as high for the purposes of reducing these penalties, to a minimum of -1/-10. I.e., With Ranged +2 and Rapid Fire, a character could hurry a basic pistol attack with a -1/-10 penalty.

Weapon type Hurrying penalty
Basic pistol -20 to hit, -2 to damage
Heavy pistol, SMG -30 to hit, -3 to damage
Rifle -40 to hit, -4 to damage
Heavy weapon -50 to hit, -5 to damage

Empowering: Empowering an attack reduces HP or MP on a like for like basis; i.e., adding a +1 bonus to a Ranged accuracy or damage roll would consume a single MP. This bonus is limited by the associated atrribute; with the aforementioned example, the bonus couldn't be greater than +1 if the character only had one point of FOC.


These actions may be attempted by any baseline character build that meets their prerequisites. Unlike aspects, talents do not need to be purchased as part of a character's make-up; but if they are purchased, they can be used by a character regardless of their prerequisites. If a character cannot normally use a talent but purchases the aspect granting its upgraded version (Improved, Greater, etc.) they may still use the upgraded version as normal.

Cyborg and psionic characters do not get talents with the stated prerequisites; for them, the requirements are doubled (+2 becomes +4, and so on).

Prereq: Melee +2
When performing a double action Melee attack with a two-handed weapon or dual-wielded weapons, the character may split the damage between two adjacent targets, rolling again to hit the other.

Prereq: Medic +2
When the character uses Heal on an ally, for the following turn the ally has a Resistance bonus equal to the user's Medic rank. Special: Sedate: Expend 4MP and make a Melee attack. If the attack causes damage, the target suffers a Stun effect equal to the user's Medic rank. Sedate may not be stacked.

Body Slam
Prereq: Resistance 4 (total)
The character halves their accuracy and damage modifiers for an unarmed Melee attack, but hits the target with a Staggering effect, forcing them to lose a single action in their next turn unless they pass a Resistance check versus the damage roll. For every 10 points of difference between the damage and check, the target loses an additional single action.

Prereq: Speciality +3
Each time that the character rolls 100 higher than the target difficulty on their skill/to-hit roll they add their PDC to their effect power/attack damage. Their PDC is considered 1 category higher for every additional multiple of 100.

Prereq: Speciality +2
The character can make an action and double their total critical chance (to a maximum of 50%); but if the action is not a critical, it fails completely. Chancer may only be used once per turn.

Prereq: Medic +3 and/or Tech +3
The character can now attempt to craft items.

Prereq: Attribute 4
The character suffers a temporary injury to that attribute, but increases a check in that attribute by +Attribute to a damage or 1d10 roll or +Attribute*10 for a 1d100 roll. When using Exertion, the character's base attribute applies, not their current. Injuries/trauma inflicted by Exertion will recover at the end of the encounter but cannot be removed by normal healing means.

Prereq: Attribute 5
The character can expend 1EP and gain a +100 bonus to a 1d100 roll or a +10 bonus to a damage or 1d10 roll when using that attribute.

Prereq: Social +3
When the character fails a Melee attack or Evasion check, they may make a reroll using their Social speciality's modifier instead (Social alone, not a base competency), but they must use this other value even if it is lower.

Prereq: AGI 3, Melee +2
Whenever the character makes two single action Melee attacks, they may make a third single action attack as a free action; but all three attacks have no to-hit modifiers allowed.

Prereq: Melee +1
The character can initiate a grapple.

Prereq: Ranged +2
Spending a full turn action monitoring an 180 degree sight radius allows the character to make a Ranged attack on the first enemy to enter that area as an immediate action.

Power Attack
Prereq: STR 3, Melee +2
The character can opt to make double action Melee attacks with a further damage bonus equal to their Melee+STR. However, a Power Attack's accuracy is limited to a 1d100 roll alone, with no modifiers allowed.

Prereq: Tech +2
Expend an EP and a full turn action and immediately short circuit an adjacent device for 2 turns. When used against a mech, they suffer 2 malfunctions (equivalent to injuries/trauma) for 2 turns. This ability will not stack, and cannot be used against the same target twice in the same encounter. The duration and number of malfunctions increases in relation to the user's Tech rank (3 malfunctions for 3 turns at Tech +3, and so on).

Snap Kick
Prereq: Melee +2
Instead of dealing damage as usual, the character can use an unarmed Melee SA attack to knock an opponent backwards. The opponent makes a Resistance or Reactions check; if the value fails to meet the damage roll, they are knocked back one hex. If their Resistance/Reactions roll is less than half of the user's damage roll, they are knocked back two hexes.

Prereq: Social +2
Once per turn the character may perform a Social check as a free action (assuming they are still capable of communication), opposed by an ally's highest possible speciality roll (in Ranged, Melee, Telempathy, etc.). If the dice rolled on the ally's behalf fails to beat this value, the ally is granted a +10/+1 universal bonus in their next turn. Spur and Taunt cannot be used in the same turn.

Prereq: Social +2
Once per turn the character may perform a Social check as a free action (assuming they are still capable of communication), opposed by a sapient target's Resolve check or their own Social check (whichever is higher). If the target fails to beat this value, they suffer a -10/-1 universal penalty in their next turn. Spur and Taunt cannot be used in the same turn.

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